- Channing Kelly

About | The Full Fledge Show - NYC, NY

Ignorance is now rampant in society and people are no longer seeking the truth. Sadly, people take most things they hear at face value and don’t bother digging a little deeper. The Full Fledge talk show offers a platform for people to come and freely express their opinions while searching for the truth.

Our radio talk show is engaging and welcomes audiences from different backgrounds who desire the truth. You can even start your own show if there is a burning issue you need to discuss. The full fledge is making it easier for hosts to get started with their own podcasts and reach a larger audience. People are hungry for the truth and seeking reality daily. Now more than ever before the truth is easily accessible. When we understand the reality of the world we live it’s easier to find the meaning and purpose of our lives.

Understanding reality of life is ongoing life journey, and isn't it great to be able to tune into a radio station that edifies you. We understand people continue to live in fear and uncertainty and need places like Full Fledge to call in and voice their opinions. The Full Fledge Show talk show makes it possible for you to spend time with like minded people, who share the same fears and challenges. Suddenly you know you are not alone.

Many political issues affect us every day and we hear so many voices and opinions. It is wonderful to come to a place we can discuss political issues freely and truthfully. Tune into our radio station and experience our unique radio talk show.


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