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The Full Fledge Show is a great source for current events updates. We have host able to tackle a range of topics bringing you the latest news reported in truth. We provide help understanding things going on locally or around the world. Listening to our broad cast can never get boring as we have a limitless resource of information that will benefit you. What is the point of news if it isn't truthful!? Why even take time to listen to it. Being skeptical is a good thing. 

Our commentator Dave Eager always slams dunks his input on our subjects. Our journey to find the truth will never end because we live in a world spiritual, technical and social evil. When you watch our episodes they are all about exposing the truth in a modern culture willing to embrace lies. 

Mass media has forever been changed by increase in technology. Different sources of mass media like televisions, magazines and videos, internet, social networking sites help in exposing the truth. This is because anyone can be a witness to an incident and report it. Covering up the truth is not quite as easy anymore. 

Thankfully at The Full Fledge Show we express opinions freely. Our commentator Dave Eager in NYC, NY speaks on topics taking into consideration listeners views. We provide unfiltered news. Current events are discussed in a way the listeners gain greater insight. You will find Dave Eager our commentators hold nothing back. We thrive in an environment that seeks the truth. We encourage you to join us as a listener, subscriber or a radio host. We continue to develop a strong network of people with different news and topics and a deep understanding and hunger of truth. 

As our community grows we hope to deeply impact the world and transform the way people listen to current event news. Please listen to Dave Eager in room one or/and room two.
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